Robotic Astronomical Telescope

Instituto de Astronomía & Meteorología, Universidad de Guadalajara


The telescope consists of a 0.32 m reflector (Planewave CDK-12.5), and SBIG STL-6303 CCD camera with a five position filter wheel.


With their highly-corrected optics, the image quality of the telescope make astronomical imaging research projects possible.


The OARP is used regularly by students and faculty at the University of Guadalajara like an astronomical laboratory.


The Observatory gives visitors a view of the night sky through a 0.32m telescope, including the Moon, planets and nebulae.

Observatorio Astronómico Robótico

The OARP observatory is an astronomical teaching and research small facility located at 30 km of the Guadalajara city in Mexico, at 20° 46' 44'' N, 103° 36' 40.99" and an elevation of 1588m above sea level, in the heart of La Primavera forest which offer some darkest and less polluted night skies than the city. Maintained by the students and faculty of the Department of Physics and the Institute of Astronomy and Meteorology of the University of Guadalajara. The construction and operation of this facility has been supported by grants from the National Science and Technology Council, the Secretary of Public Education and CUCEI of the University of Guadalajara.




Spirals, Groups

Solar System

Comets, Planets

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Deep sky imaging of different objects, such as galaxies, star clusters, and nebulae are frequently obtained (weather permitting). Students and faculty acquire the images for education and research projects. These are calibrated with bias, darks and flat fields to reduce noise. Colour images require the combination of at least 3 exposures through Narrow-band filters. Check our color Gallery or individuals frames in B/W here.